Your Guide to Hiring an Underground Service Provider


There is plenty of groundwork to be completed before construction can begin on a building. Have you ever thought about all the piping and wiring that’s installed in the house and how it’s done? Careful surveys and details are carried out on the ground before the construction site is decided on. A detailed feasibility report is also carried out to ensure that the building can be connected to the nearby municipal lines and services. In the modern day, most of the utilities are installed under the surface.

Making sure that a detailed study is carried out before construction begins can prevent costly repair work. Numerous pipes and underground cables need to be installed under the ground before construction work can begin. Usually, contractors hire different companies that offer underground services in Perth. Apart from offering installation services, these companies also offer a host of repair services. Here are some of the services that these companies offer.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Water leaks can cause serious damage to your property. If water is leaking under the ground, it can seriously damage the foundation of the entire structure. Additionally, if water is leaking regularly under the ground, it won’t be long before termites and other household pests invade your house. However, tiny leaks are almost impossible to detect. That’s why most companies use high-sensitivity acoustic leak detection services to locate the point of the leakage. High sensitivity acoustic devices can be used for detecting the sound made by leaking water. Once the area for repair has been detected, the company will start digging in the area to carry out repairs.

CCTV Pipe Survey

It’s very difficult to observe underground pipes and determine the exact position of the damage. Pipe and conduit cleaning in subsurface conditions is almost impossible to repair without using specialist equipment. Minute CCTV pipes are used for inspecting the pipes under the ground and determining the point of repair.

Non-Destructive Testing

If there’s an issue with the underground pipes and conduits in the house, the only option left is to first dig into the ground and then determine the exact cause of problem. However, rather than going for this destructive method, there are numerous companies that offer non-destructive testing methods. Non-destructive testing methods generally include the use of ground-penetrating radar and ultrasound machines to determine the source of the issue.

If you hire any company for underground services, it’s important that you consider the costs of the underground service. The company will first carry out tests and use different processes before giving you a quote for the total costs of repair. Many companies also offer specialist electrical services to their customers. Their services are generally hired by homeowners as well as contractors for carrying out checks and repair work on different kinds of projects. Due to the increase in development throughout Perth, the number of companies that offer underground services has increased significantly in the region.