Understand How Private Sprinklers Work To Protect Your Property!

Personal sprinklers are designed to fight fires at the early on in their development thereby controlling the flame and allowing you to get to protection. The cost of installing a domestic/residential system is nothing compared to the protection of you and your family. Here are some essential facts about residential landscape sprinkler systems:

Water supply system

An indirect and direct connection serves both the watering and the household water supplies in the developing but without a requirement device. If the watering is activated it will still be available to the domestic/residential services in the developing. It is essential therefore to ensure that there is adequate drinking water capable of providing the necessary ‘pressure and circulation rate’ for the watering alone plus an additional circulation amount of 25 liters/min for household dwellings, and 50 liters/min for homes.

Pipe material

copper and stainless-steel piping is used for domestic/residential techniques, however, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) tube is also suitable. The melting factor of birdwatcher is around 1083oC – this means birdwatcher piping will not be adversely effected by the heat of a household flame.


The servicing of residential landscape sprinklers is the responsibility of the homeowner. You must arrange for the program to be checked yearly and tested by a qualified installation software, and you should pay particular attention to the servicing instructions provided to you by the installation software.

Safety features

  • A stop-valve which should be locked in the open position to avoid accidental closing of the drinking water to the watering.
  • Backflow protection to avoid contamination of the mains drinking water, e.g, non-return/check valves, reduced stress device (RPZ), air holes and ball floats.
  • A prioritization device where appropriate
  • A drain and analyze device which should be fitted at the lowest factor of the landscape sprinkler piping for testing and for depleting the program. The outlet for the analyze device should be equal to the smallest landscape sprinkler in the program.