The Importance of Proper Water Tanks

There are few things more essential to life than water. It is, after all, the compound we look for when we send probes into space, searching for habitable moons and worlds. Water is associated with life across the world, in art, in literature, in language—and in the process, is often understood in direct opposition to fire. This makes sense in a way. After all, water is generally used to put out a fire, and where fire can be responsible for charring the countryside and burning life to the ground, water can be, and generally is, necessary to bring it back.

All of this is to say that if you are looking to keep water on your property, for the purpose of either creating new life or protecting it against fire, you’ll want to keep it safe, clean, and secure in a tank. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind when doing this.

Size Considerations

First, you of course need to think about the actual size of the tank you’re going to be using. This is something you definitely want to consider well in advance of buying—you don’t want to go and buy a tank which is the size of a house, just to water a single garden!

It’s also important to consider the different elements of the tank, and the size considerations with regards to them as well. For example, how big a nozzle do you need? How big a hatch? What about the ladder, the sloping walls? And for that matter, how much water do you plan on keeping in that tank in the first place?

How that water is stored is a matter unto itself as well. For example, it can get pretty warm in Australia—do you need cooling agents to help keep the water cool while it’s stored? What about chemicals to keep it clean and well-treated? All this and more can be provided by a quality water tank company, so take the time to consider all of this with them.

A Word on Aesthetics

You also want to give a passing thought to the aesthetics of your tank. Water tanks typically have a bright, silver exterior, so you’ll want to consider that when planning your exterior décor. That said, commercial tanks also come in all manner of sizes and colours.

Different Types of Water Tanks

Of course, there are also many different water tanks on the market. Farms, for example, require a different a type of tank than do firefighting units, who require fire fighting tanks. Tanks for firefighting are in accordance with Australian Standards, AS2419 and AS2304, and therefore come equipped with firefighting compliant components, such as anti-vortex outlets, specialised nozzles, level indicators, tank signage, and much more. Take the time to ask water tank companies about their different types of tanks, so as to secure the type and model which is right for your purposes.

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