How Furniture Wax Protects Wooden Furniture and Tips on Preserving Wooden Furniture

Wax is well known for its protective qualities. Craftsmen have always used wax to protect and enhance the beauty of wooden furniture. However, it is a mistake, if we consider furniture wax as a protective finish. In fact, it is just a protective barrier. By providing wax protection to your furniture, you will ensure that it is protected against moisture, dust and other pollutants.

Wax provides your furniture a protection against water, but only for some time. If water is left unattended on wax for long, it will gradually penetrate and slowly affect the finish of the furniture and wood. So, the thing is wax is a protective barrier, but not a protective coat.

One more benefit of using wax is that it provides resistance against scratch and dust. It is actually a coat, which prevents the dust cloth damaging the furniture. Since while dusting the dust cloth gets charged with, dust and hence, using it can possibly scratch the furniture. Over the period of time, this can lessen the beauty of your furniture. Wax is a stable material and can protect your furniture well for long.

Dusting VS Cleaning

When we talk about maintaining the beauty of wooden furniture, most people get confused thinking what is the better option – dusting or cleaning. Well, both are necessary.

Avoiding dusting is a big mistake since dusting ensures that small airborne deposits are removed. Thus, you can no longer scratch the furniture surface. However, the key is to dust the furniture the right way.

Use a clean, soft and dry cloth or feather duster to dust your furniture. Well, if you want to avoid the dust from scattering into air, simply dampen the cloth a little.

On the other hand, cleaning is as important as dusting, however, cleaning with water is something you need to avoid. You can always use cleaning sprays, but that too in limits and only if your furniture has some sort of plastic coating.

For sure, some sticky spots need to be cleaned with water or cleaning sprays, but instead of spraying the furniture directly, you can always dampen the cloth a little in detergent water and gently clean the furniture.

Oil polishes

Polishing your furniture with oily polish is a good way of ensuring that no moisture will penetrate in your furniture. However, products that have high oil content also attract dust and shows fingerprints.

Mostly varnish, shellac or polyurethane is applied while manufacturing in order to protect the wood and provide a good finish to furniture. Also, your old furniture can be coated using the same products to enhance its beauty.

Fortunately, now we have such products using, which we can make our furniture scratch free. Going through the scratch + aide review will help you understand how easily the product can be used to make a scratch disappear. All you need to do is apply the product on the scratch and give it a couple of seconds. The product actually absorbs the original color of wood and as it dries in the scratch, it makes the scratch disappear slowly.

Looks like you are well equipped with all the tips that will help you protect your wooden furniture for long. So, keep it all safe and use it well.

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