Difference between Air conditioner and Air Cooler

Most parts of India experience scorching summers which extend well into the rainy season. Most livelihoods need to have some cooling device installed in their homes to relieve them of the heat outside from around March to September every year. The weather varies from sunny to rainy to extremely humid to torturously hot. ACs and air coolers are the devices most commonly used in Indian households and offices to do away with this heat and to provide comfort in the summer months. Due to the difference in their technological and physical build and usage, both these appliances have their own pros and cons.

Let us first talk about the benefits and disadvantages of air conditioners.


 Benefits of air conditioners:

  • Air conditioners come in a variety of designs and mounting positions like window mounted, split and portable air conditioners. Customers can choose the air conditioner best suited to their home or office.
  • The installation, replacement or repair of window air conditioners is easy and hassle free.
  • Split air conditioners too are very easy to mount on walls; these are better suited for those living in high rise apartments. Many of these buildings have been built in compartments in the walls for accommodating split ACs.
  • Portable air conditioners can be easily carried from one place to another and hence their operation is all the more simplified. These are also called mobile air conditioners.
  • Air conditioners are healthy and keep down the noise that is usually a problem with air coolers.

Limitations of air conditioners:

  • Split air conditioners are a bit on the expensive side of things.
  • Energy consumption by split and window ACs is a lot more than that of air coolers. However, energy saving star rated air conditioners is growing increasingly popular. However, if you invest in an air conditioner, your electricity bill is likely to increase many fold due to higher power consumption.
  • The most striking disadvantage of air conditioners is the greenhouse gases (CFCs) emitted in considerable amounts by the old ACs.

Advantages of Air Coolers:

  • Air coolers are extremely cost effective as compared to air conditioners.
  • They are useful for individual cooling as opposed to air conditioners which help cool the entire room or hall.
  • Air coolers consume less power, which makes them energy efficient and also cuts down the electricity bill.

Limitations of Air Coolers:

  • The cooling capacity of air coolers is usually affected by the current climatic conditions.
  • Supplying water continuously to the air coolers is a real big hassle. This constant regular physical work may affect people drastically.
  • Air coolers demand regular maintenance for proper working.
  • The cooling provided by air conditioners is much more effective and durable than that of air coolers.
  • The minimum temperature reached by coolers is much higher than that reached by air conditioners and hence these are very inappropriate to use in closed office spaces where it may cause more stuffiness than comfort.

Thus, it is very important to consider these differences before buying an air conditioner or an air cooler.