3 Deck Tiling Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Over the past decade, thousands of Canadians have rushed to makeover their gardens with trendy, maintenance-free decking tiles. Even condominium owners have got in on the act and used such tiling to spruce up their otherwise drab balconies. When done right, deck tiles transform a garden, balcony or patio into a maintenance-free idyll. However, many homeowners make serious errors and end up regretting their decision. If you are considering deck tiles for your home, here are three mistakes you may make without realizing it. How many are you guilty of?

1: Skimping On Preparation

Interlocking deck tiles are typically sold with free delivery and installation. The temptation of low online prices and the seeming easy with which the tiles slot together can prompt many homeowners to try andinstall them themselves. This causes problems for both home and condominium owners alike. In a garden, although tiles may be installed over asphalt or even pea gravel, extra care must be taken to minimize rising damp. Any moisture that becomes trapped underneath tiling will attract rodents or pests. On a balcony, the condition of the concrete or tiled floor must be checked prior to installation. This may require sealing with a concrete sealant or tile sealant prior to laying down the tiles. As this preparation stage will determine the life span of the tiles, skimping on preparation is the top mistake to avoid making.

2: Selecting Cheap Materials

Cheap decking tiles will quickly start to fade, look old or require maintenance. Decking is often billed as maintenance free but cheap timber will rot and degrade if it is not regularly re-stained. There are three main ways to avoid this:

  1. You can go for modern composite decking that combines the best qualities of wood and PVC will stay looking beautiful for decades without the need for sanding or staining.
  2. You may choose hardwood such as kiln dried Bangkirai, Merbau or Red Balau wood that will last for decades with the right care.
  3. You could even select granite deck tiling for an extremely durable, low maintenance floor.


3: Overstretching Yourself

TV makeover shows make remodeling look so easy that it is easy to forget that trained professionals are doing the work. Each year, thousands of Canadians damage their homes trying to replicate things they saw on TV. When buyinghardwood decking tiles, it is wise to leave the installation to professionals as you will get a long warranty as part of the service. This installation warranty is typically voided if you install the tiles yourself. Therefore, the third mistake to avoid making is overstretching yourself.


So, there you go – that was our rundown on the threemost common decking tiling mistakes you may not realize you are making. Although many homeowners begin with the right intentions, things can quickly go wrong if they make these mistakes. With the right planning, selection and approach, interlocking deck tiles can be the perfect way to enhance your home. What do you think of our list of mistakes? Which mistakes did we miss? Leave us a comment or question below!

Author Bio: Warren Brown is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Warren has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.